Multi-Peptide Eye Cream  30ml.

Multi-Peptide Eye Cream 30ml.

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Our Multi-Peptide Eye Cream features a unique combination of multi-issue solutions. We depend on medicinal herbs such as Chrysin and Centenella Asiatica, long-known for reducing and even eliminating dark circles under the eye. We also include Eyeseryl, which is a patented product offering decongesting compounds known to enhance lymphatic circulation.

Our active ingredients bring proven and effective results that repair and restore the skin around the eye. Not only can does this amazing formula alleviate crow’s feet or dark circles, but it also actually reverses many of the damages done by time, the environment, sun and other issues.

Natural Remedy

Directions: apply two pea-sized drops around each eye. Rub in gently, and use it twice daily. When partnered with complementary products and cleansers, the results are outstanding. 

 Ingredients: water, rosehip seed oil, sorbitol(natural emulsifier), sorbitan olivate(plant based emulsifier), centella asiatica (medicinal herb), argireline, Chrysin, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3, Goji extract, acai extract, ascorbyl palmitate(vitamin c ester), tocotrienol (vitamin E), hyaluronic acid, ecetyl tetrapeptide-5, potassium sorbate (natural preservative from mineral salt).