Ayurveda Beauty Treatments


More of the most popular treatments today, during this treatment you will be caress with a gentle golden stream of warmed oil poured continually over your forehead (Third Eye) to calm the mind… followed with a relaxing scalp treatment.
60 Minutes$100

Scalp Treatment

From generations past, we use natural oils, like sesame, coconut or mustard to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and fortify the hair follicles; a relaxing treatment for a shiny and healthy hair.
60 Minutes$90


In Ayurveda it is believed that a foot massage will protect you from disease and bring you peace.***

“Actions that benefit the feet.”

The Elements are so important:

Space or Ethereal are the top of the toes.
Air element are the toes.
Fire element is on the ball of the foot.
Water element is on the hollow of the arch area.
Earth is on the heel.

This is a true Ceremony; you will feel like you are in Heaven with the foot massage and Ayurvedic oils followed by a three metal bowl “Kansa” massage.

***TM developed by Melanie and Robert Sachs, Diamond Way Ayurveda.

60 Minutes$100

Reflexology Treatment

Ancient cultures like Egypt, India & China developed these treatments to restore the balance in the whole body. During this treatment you will enjoy a gentle scrub to exfoliate your feet and a soothing scalp, hand and foot massage by stimulating particular pressure points to release tension. (Includes Head, Hands & Feet)
60 Minutes$105
80 Minutes$135

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